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Welcome back to WIPpet Wednesday. Thank you, Sarah Hart, for posting your WIPpet early and thereby reminding me. 🙂


I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. I have been writing on Queen of Bears like nobodies business to keep my mind off Faerie Blood while it’s at betas. Amazing things have been happening with the cover, so that’s helped, but overall, I’ve just needed to write. Poor Beloved is being so patient with me. And poor Arvid has been through a lot lately, let me tell you. I’ve done near killt the girl a few times.

Hats off to our lovely hostess, K.L. Schwengel. As per her one and only WIPpet rule, I offer you a date-related snippet of my WIP. (The game is open to all writers.) My date-relating goes like this: Oct. 15 → 15 → 1 + 5 = 6. There are 326 words in this snippet. See how that works?


          Arvid recognized her mother’s favorite herb mingling with the flavors of fish, lumproots, and redhearts. “It’s very good. My mother would love to have the recipe, if you don’t mind sharing.”

Namatha opened her mouth for a guttural rumble and swished her tail. “Let’s see what the boars decide first. There’s no point in giving you a recipe you may never get the chance to use.”

“So they’re trying to decide whether or not to kill me? Do they think I’m dangerous?”

“You yourself are not dangerous. That is obvious. Otherwise, they would have killed you while you slept. It is what you are going to do that is dangerous, and they’re deciding whether killing you will prevent that danger.”

“But Balak isn’t supposed to start a war with the monst- um… you.”

“Before King Valin, the Nairi people called us Petsuchos. I suppose it is a good enough name. Humans cannot speak in our tongue so there is no point teaching you our real name. But tell me, Arvid, doesn’t your prophecy say this wizard will destroy an entire people?”

“Not the Petsuchos. Only the Raven Nation, because of what they did to our women and children.”

“That is what makes you dangerous, Arvid. You do not understand. But now is not the time for philosophical discussions. It is my job to see that everything in this cave is done well and it is about time I heard the nestkeepers’ sunset report. Here.” She led Arvid toward a section of the cave occupied by several sows twisting yarn or working at looms. “I have seen beautiful patterns on the clothes of humans sometimes. Do you know how to make them? Sunrise will only delay itself all the longer if you have nothing to do, so why don’t you use those tiny little claws of yours to decorate a few belts for the boars.” With that, Namatha turned and walked toward a waiting line of sows.