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Great news! I finished drafting Queen of Bears!

*cue Kermit-esque arm-flailing*


You know what that means? I’m taking it off the WIPpets. Yyyup. Off it goes to steep a while before I touch it again. In the meantime, I’ll pull another sandbox out to play in for a bit. Before I do that, though, here’s the excerpt that comes right after last week’s. Now, I offer you a choice. I have a favorite scene that happens quite a bit later in the story than all this. I can either post that next week (warning, it will be loooong for a WIPpet) or I can just post what happens after today’s snippet.

I bow to the Grand Mistress of the WIPpeteers, our gracious hostess, KL Schwengel. To play along with WIPpet Wednesday, post a date-related excerpt of your work in progress and add your linky to the Hall of WIPpeteers. Or just go read the excerpts. There are lots of talented writers among the WIPpeteers.

Arvid finished her pastry and chose one of the widest belts in the pile waiting to be decorated. Her embroidery abilities were only passable; Mother never could get her to sit long enough to learn it well. Still, she supposed even her unskilled fingers were more suited to the task than the claws of the Petsuchos. But the flowers and scrolls her mother fussed over didn’t seem appropriate for a Petsucho boar. Animals, perhaps? Or maybe simple people designs?

Her mind wandered to Kiano and Oya. She reminded herself they were alright. Oya should be nearly home by now and Kiano would live to fight many more battles. He and Oya would get married and have a passel of babies.

Arvid dug a needle out of her pack, selected the finest wool the Petsuchos had to offer, and set to work. Petsucho cubs gathered to watch her fingers, crowding around until she found it difficult to move her elbows any direction without jabbing someone. Sows paused in their chores to peer over the cubs and whisper to each other. They spoke Nairi out of courtesy for her, but Arvid paid little attention.

Just as she finished a bell rang. Arvid held up the belt and smiled at it. Namatha’s face appeared next to her, scrutinizing the belt. “I would never have guessed that such tiny patterns would be so labor intensive. The night is over, Arvid, and the boars are calling for you.”

Dun dun duuuuunnnnn!!!!

So. What does everyone want? More of this scene? Or something a little further on?