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Okay. So, the overwhelming vote last week was for either this snippet, or both. Both would be a bit long for one post, but for those truly interested, I posted my favorite scene on Monday.

WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by KL Schwengel. The rules go: 1. Post a snippet of your WIP that has something to do with the date. 2. Add your link to the linky. Of course, you’re free to just read. We love input.

My math this week: Um, um, let’s see. It’s eleven paragraphs, so let’s say I took the ones from 10 and 14 and stuck them side-by-side. 😀 I’ll start you off with Namatha’s dramatic-ish last line (consider it a bonus) and go from there.

Oh. I should mention I skip a bit. Basically, Namatha takes Arvid to the Boar’s Hall. It looks just like the sow’s hall, except no nests and instead of looms they have meat-processing equipment.

“The night is over, Arvid, and the boars are calling for you.”

…The king accepted the belt gingerly and examined it closely. “Such delicate work, but the pictures form no pattern that I can see. What does it mean?”

Arvid’s hands quivered as she pointed to each picture in turn. “It’s a story, High… um-“

Namatha leaned in to whisper, “Your Majesty.”

“It’s a story, Your Majesty. This is my brother, Kiano, and me fishing with our father when we were little. This is Kiano teaching me to use a spear. Here, he’s preparing for his first battle and that’s me lacing on his armor. And here,” she swallowed down the lump rising in her throat, “this is when he hugged me goodbye when I left. That was five days ago, I think. The next one shows the day he will marry my friend, Oya, and this picture here is him with his children, when he has them, fishing.”

Whispers traveled around the cavern. The king showed the belt to the boars standing closest to the throne. They passed it around and whispered together for several minutes while Arvid waited.

When it made its way back to him, the king spoke. “Arvid, my council and I have debated your case all night long. The errand you are on will present great danger to yourself, to us, to your own people, and to countless others. Our task was to decide whether eliminating you would be enough to prevent this danger, or if it would merely prolong the inevitable. Do you understand?”

Arvid shook her head. “No. The lives of my people depend upon the wizard Balak. I was sent only to rescue him.”

Ridges of spikes rippled along the backs of several of the boars, though none flared to full life. The king waved a hand soothingly.

“We had determined to put you to death, because we believed what you have just given us great evidence of. You do not understand the true nature of this task.”

Arvid opened her mouth to object that yes, she did understand. If they only knew of her mother and Ouida and the other women and children who suffered so much.

The king cut her off. “No. You do not understand. But,” he caressed the belt, “this story…” He looked around at the boars standing closest to him. In spite of their rippling spikes, the council nodded their heads. “We have changed our minds, because we do understand.”

So. Obviously this isn't embroidery, but it does tell a story. Apparently, this is King David when he sees Bathsheba washing... her hands. :-P I got a kick out of it.

So. Obviously this isn’t the simple stick-figure embroidery I envisioned when I wrote this scene, but it does tell a story. Apparently, this is King David when he sees Bathsheba washing… her hands. So provocative. 😛 I got a kick out of it.