WIPpet Wednesday - Troy The world-building and backstory ensues. It’s okay if you want to groan aloud. I’d like it if a few of you stuck around to comment, but I honestly won’t blame you if you read that first sentence and wanted to go hide under your bed. Especially since, looking back at this older writing, I have to admit, it’s baaaaaad. *shudders*

But, it’s what I got for now.

Much love and respect to the Grand Mistress of the WIPpeteers, KL Schwengel. Give her flowers and puppies, chocolate and enticing male characters. (Unlike Troy. Don’t give her Troy.)

Okay, so, it’s the 19th. I’m giving you 2 paragraphs, one of which is gaggably long. (Told you it was bad. Don’t worry. I’ll start cleaning it up after Nano.) Here’s how I got the 2:  1 + 9 = 20, 2 + 0 = 2. Voila!

*gets ready to copy and paste*

*reads it over*

*cringes and groans*

Sorry, everyone, this is going to be painful.

Promptly at 11:26, Troy glided into the anteroom of the General’s office. Six other males sized him up while he sized them up. Three of them were blue Tritons, like himself. Two were Ichthyocentaurs and one was an Ichthyoleo. Troy guessed the three other TrueBlues made up the strategical part of the team, while the Icks were along for some other purpose he wouldn’t understand until he knew what the mission was.

One of the males, a blue Triton, like himself, held so perfectly still, arms crossed across his chest, Troy envied his gill-control. Troy spent an hour of everyday he didn’t have a mission trying to master the technique for moving water past his gills without appearing to. He still needed to swish his tail at least once a minute, though, while this TrueBlue barely twitched. Troy looked him over, quickly but thoroughly. He seemed to be several years older than Troy, which gave Troy some comfort regarding the gill-control issue, but Troy could not make a closer guess than somewhere in his late thirties to early forties without studying the man for too long. His tail was mottled in a similar pattern to Troy’s, but with red and blue, instead of black and blue. His red fins were tipped with a deep purple that almost looked black. Troy wondered what color they turned when this fellow grew angry. The yellow tips on his own black fins turned a bright orange and it seemed unlikely that such a deep color as this other Triton sported could get much deeper. As with all male Tritons, his eyes were a lighter shade of his tail tips, a violet Troy felt sure melted every fem the guy deigned to grace with his gaze. He wore his brown hair longer than most so that it reached his shoulder blades, and braided a small strand near his right temple. A glint in his eye told Troy they already understood one another. This male would be their leader.

In my defense, this would have been written furiously fast at the beginning of Nano. Quite possibly between midnight and two A.M. after getting up early the morning before, helping out with Harvest Festival the whole day, and settling four candy-fied children into bed.

Random video to make up for that awful writing.