WIPpet Wednesday - TroyI spent a lot of time describing Troy’s team here because

  1. 1. I was getting to know them Nano style
  2. 2. We spend most of the book with these guys, so I wanted readers to have a very clear picture of them
  3. 3. It fits Troy’s personality to analyze the people he meets.

So, today you’re scrutinizing another Triton and one of the Icks. In this case, an Ichthyocentaur – fish centaur. I’ll do something with the terms when I edit, since they’re confusing. But this was Nano. An ichthyocentaur is like a merman, only he has hooves instead of hands. Not to be confused with a hippocampus. It still has a dude’s head.

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Troy’s scrutiny moved on to the next blue Triton in the room. The bright red tail mottling stood out in stark contrast with the nearly black blue of his skin and tail. His fin tips were badly burned and terribly scared inΒ  many places, hiding their original color, but Troy guessed yellow from what was left of them. His skin was a darker shade of blue than Troy ever saw before and his hair looked more grey than black, though his eyes were barely lined, like he spent more time near the surface, exposed to dangerous sunrays, than a Triton should. His yellow eyes shone with eagerness as he extoled the delicacy of a trigger mechanism he patented himself. His eager speech was directed at an Ichtyocentaur. Troy wondered if the dark skin indicated a preference for Icks in favor of his own kind. The thought rankled.

The body language of the Ichtyocentaur listening to the weapons expert seemed to indicate rapt attention. Troy thought the body language might be a bit too indicative of interest. Few people listened to someone else’s monologue with such rapt attention. The presence of a Souta expert troubled Troy, why would they need a combat expert, an explosives expert, and a Souta expert on the same team. DESCIRIBE Ichthyocentaur.

Well, golly. Look at that. Guess I didn’t quite finish this section. Oh well. I guess you’ll know what he looked like as soon as I do. πŸ˜› Happy WIPpeting. πŸ™‚

1781952_10152525180473030_7778856273186941978_n(Since so many of you share my love of Dickens, thought I’d share this pic a friend posted on my FB wall this week. πŸ™‚Β  )