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I’m doing Faerie Blood snippets lately, because I hope to release it in a couple months. Only, this morning, I couldn’t decide what to post. After a few minutes deliberating, I decided to share a cut scene. Or rather, a cut character. This guy, Harsha’s boyfriend, started out as too much of a snot to work for the story, then he was too perfect, and then… well, he just didn’t work. But, he had some fun scenes. So here’s one of them. Hope you enjoy.

WIPpet math = 15 paragraphettes = date + month The her/she in this scene is Harsha, my MC.

The fear of burning her creations, and nothing else, kept her on her feet. Jason supplied her with copious amounts of coffee in exchange for bowl-licking privileges and dibs on all the imperfects. In spite of the massive iced drinks he assured her contained enough caffeine to keep an army awake for a week, she fell asleep standing at the counter, drooling on her folded arms, backside protruding far into the kitchen, the second she finished frosting the last petit four.

Something smacked her rump.

She flopped an arm in the direction of the fridge. β€œI put them in a box. It’s labeled.”

β€œPut what in a box?”

β€œThe rejects.”

β€œThe what?”


The fridge opened. β€œYou mean this box for Jason?”

β€œThey taste the same.”

A moment passed. β€œMm. They’re good. It’s nice to be dating a good cook.”

She snapped to a standing position. β€œBlake!”

Blake munched a petit four and made yummy noises. He smirked at her, his mouth too full to talk.

β€œI didn’t hear you knock.” She took off her apron and washed her hands.

He swallowed his bite of pastry. β€œIt’s okay. Jason let me in.”

β€œI guessed that.” She also guessed Jason might not live long enough to enjoy his good health if he ever pulled that kind of a trick on her again.