WIPpet Wednesday - Faerie BloodWe’re back to Faerie Blood this week. After I posted Arvid’s WIPpet last week, Harsha must have gotten jealous. Or maybe Zeeb was jealous of Tai. Either way, they started talking again.

Our magnanimous hostess is K.L. Schwengel, the game is WIPpet Wednesday (see rules below), and my WIPpet math is seven paragraphs because seven rhymes with eleven and today is the eleventh.

Context: Harsha has met a young lady whose English is limited but who obviously needs help. Seraph recognizes the language but only speaks a little herself, so the whole crew goes a-visting.

Maura spoke, her nervousness obvious in her tone of voice. To Harsha, the fast stream of words sounded like nonsense. Zeeb’s furrowed brow hinted he felt the same. Seraph looked back and forth from Maura to the enormous dragon, a look of mingled concentration and curiosity on her face.

Grandmother’s expression changed as Maura progressed through her tale. At first, she listened with brow ridges raised. As Maura continued, they descended into a sharp point. Her mouth curled into sneering disdain and thick plumes of smoke flitted up from her nostrils. Nanny slithered in a pacing pattern, her tail lashing the ground and leaving furrows. She pounded one fist against a palm, gritted her teeth, and made snorting noises accompanied by flashes of fire from her nostrils.

Harsha watched in terror as the dragons’ ire built. Beads of sweat dribbled down her sides and back. Gooseflesh raised the hair on her arms and the back of her neck. She folded into herself, with her knees hugged tight to her chest, and caught herself rocking back and forth. She squirmed closer to Zeeb. When Grandmother stood on her hind legs and stretched her wings in an aggressive gesture, she scrambled forward, yanked Maura away, and retreated to the safest place that came to mind.

Grandmother landed with a thud that sent clods of dirt spraying into the air. Harsha tucked Maura’s head against her chest to shield the girl.

“There are some who deserve a fate worse than death.” Smoke wafted from Grandmother’s mouth as she spoke. “That Thing, whatever it is, which Maura calls SoPHE, is one of them.”

Nanny nodded in agreement. “Aye. And I’d love to be the one to hand it to them.”

Harsha took a deep, shaky breath and let it out in a massive sigh of relief. The dragons were angry at SoPHE, not Maura or anyone else present, she realized. Still, she bounced in surprise when Zeeb’s whisper tickled her ear. “For future reference, it’s easier to defend damsels in distress when they’re not sitting in my lap.”


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