WIPpet BannerSo, um, because of something, I took down a lot of my Faerie Blood posts. I’m waiting for approval to tell you why. In the meantime, Queen of Bears it is! At least for now. I’m not a super multitasker like some of you, so I only have so many projects going at once and most of them are part of Hidden Bloodlines (the series to which Faerie Blood belongs). Which I can’t post. *sighs*

Anyway, QoB is still very much in the barely readable early writing stage, so please forgive any foibles. This excerpt precedes the last QoB post. Arvid just discovered Taiamuk the afternoon before and does not yet know his name, but she already has many reasons to dislike him. Regardless of her feelings, she’s stuck sharing a drafty shack with him for the duration of a winter neither of them are prepared for. Chocolate-covered coffee beans to K.L. Schwengel for hosting. The math this week is a simple two paragraphs for the month of February.

          Arvid’s mind flitted between sleep and wake like a child running up to tap a friend and running off again with the hope of being chased. Sunlight and shadow played across her eyelids in waves of pink and black. She left her eyes closed. Her muscles felt sore and weak, as after a long sparring session with a superior opponent. On her next burst toward wakefulness, she noticed a new sensation: the ebb and flow of someone’s breathing and her cheek moving with each cycle of inhale-exhale. Her arm lay across a ridged surface and her legs seemed to be wrapped around and through something.

A sigh which did not belong to her tickled her awareness. She opened her eyes. At first, what she saw made no sense to her. Then she remembered the events of last night and realized her cheek lay on the man’s chest, her arm circled his abdomen, and her legs wove through his. She tried to ignore the feelings of disgrace churning her belly. She need not be ashamed or embarrassed. They survived the night without committing unnecessary improprieties. She shifted to be next to him, rather than wrapped around him. The man mumbled something in his sleep and pulled her back. Arvid pushed against him, but his grip allowed for no argument. Distressed and again humiliated to the point of physical illness, she considered pinching him, or elbowing him, but after the harrowing night they spent, decided against it. Resigned to feeling awkward for the rest of the winter, she shut her eyes and went back to sleep.

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