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WIPpet Wednesday - Faerie Blood First of all: Congratulations to Kate Sparkes on her new release. 🙂 

Second: The Thing has been announced. 🙂 You can see my post about it here.

‘Tis once again WIPpet Wednesday. Thank you, K.L. Schwengel, for hosting. May your words be ever flowing.

This week’s WIPpet comes from the horror-fantasy-maybe short story I mentioned a couple weeks ago. These are Zeeb’s parents, Ralph and Ylva. If you’d like to alpha read, let me know. 🙂

How I’m connecting the WIPpet to the date: It’s April Fool’s and Ralph is clearly a fool for Ylva. (It’s under 300 words.)

Character descriptions:

Ralph: Ice-blue eyes, blond hair, fair skinned, average height, healthy figure. In this story, he’s got a fairly trendy-of-the-late-70’s-early-80’s short haircut and is clean-shaven.

Ylva: Hazel eyes, medium-length auburn hair, not as fair as Ralph, average height, healthy figure.

Necessary context: … Nah. Have fun.

“Ralph Lowell!” She swiped at him, trying to get the keys. “You put those chains back on me or give me the keys so I can do it myself.”

Ralph tossed the keys out the door. Ylva’s chain, with three of her limbs free, gave her enough play to reach them, but he shut the door and stood in front of it. Ylva, far stronger than he, pushed him aside.

Before she reached the keys, he mumbled. “Just like your mother.”

Ylva stopped in her tracks, her fingers a hairbreadth from the keys. “What was that?”

“Oh, nothing.” Ralph folded his arms over his chest and did his best to look suspiciously innocent.

“You said I’m like my mother.”

“Did I? Now why would I say that?” He kept his head turned to the side, but in his peripheral vision he watched her nails grow into claws. Keeping his breathing even and his stance casual took all his concentration.

“I don’t know why you would say it, but I know you said it.”

“Well, you have to admit,” he braced himself for the attack, “you are being kind of controlling.”

“Controlling!” In spite of the gravelly werewolf undertones, Ylva’s voice screeched into the upper ranges. “You call wanting my husband to survive the night controlling?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Is controlling a bad word? What would you like me to call you? Analytical? Shrewish? Manipulative?”


He saw her coming, her face more canine than human, from the corner of his eye. He squeezed his eyes tight and waited for the pain.


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339208_288040834556390_474404681_oIf you ask an actor to sketch a book cover, he’ll say, “Models would be better.”

So you’ll say. “Oh, okay. Yeah. I guess that sounds cool. As long as you can keep it under budget.”

So he’ll call all his friends and find out who wants to be on a book cover. He’ll schedule a photo shoot, but someone won’t be able to make it, so he’ll schedule another, and another and you’ll start to panic. He’ll finally get everyone coordinated and you’ll relax.

Before the photo shoot, he’ll point out that all the models are also actors. You’ll send him several snippets of work so they can all get their groove on for the shoot.

He’ll make some suggestions about the cover. You’ll explain why they don’t work. He’ll explain why they do, so you’ll say. “Oh, okay. Yeah. I guess that sounds cool. As long as no one’s half naked.”

He and his friends will have so much fun, they’ll start talking about how much fun it would be to shoot a book trailer. So, he’ll call to ask if it’s okay to shoot a book trailer.

You will freak out. None of these people have read the book. It could totally flop. You never planned all this. You were just going to release it quietly, write another couple of books, then give it a little push. That’s all. And doesn’t this cost a ton of money? *Gasp, Gasp* You will have a full blown anxiety attack, and say no.

Then you will vent to a friend, who will scold you for not letting these people who want to support you do so. You will feel like an idiot.

Then the actor will call you to explain he already pitched the project to a couple producers, who asked him to send them a teaser. He was so sure you’d be ecstatic, he scheduled the shoot before he asked you about it. Then he’ll be like, “So can we, please? We’re all aware it could flop and go nowhere. We’re just really excited for this project. We can do a crowd-funding thing. I’ll handle all the details and do my best not to stress you out.”

So you will pray, call your friend, and quiver in your husband’s arms while you explain everything that could possibly go wrong, including, but not limited to, a tidal wave washing Hollywood into the sea. Then you will take a deep breath, come to the conclusion that the Lord put actors in your life for a reason, trust Him to see to it you are still in one piece when all is finished whether it goes the way everyone wants it to or not, and tell the actor to go ahead.

Then you will write a blog post and invite people to support your book before they’ve even read it. You will feel gut-churningly awkward about it, but you will do it, because it’s the least you can do when you have wonderful friends like M@tch.


Click to support the indigogo campaign for a Faerie Blood Teaser trailer.

My deepest thanks and admiration to

Matthew “M@tch” Ray – the man behind it all.

Kelly Keyser – Harsha

Joshua Diolosa – Zeeb

Cat LaCohie – Seraph

Alan Clayton – Jason

Magdalene Bullock – Make-up

John Hawkings – photography

REDD  – soundtrack

Memnoir – soundtrack

Amber Ruiz – Photography assistant

Abigail Erryne – Zeeb blonderizer (for book cover)

Leah Bowler – all around awesomeness

Everyone who chooses to support this effort. 🙂

 And the team keeps getting bigger, so I’m sure I’ll have names to add soon.

WIPpet Wednesday - Faerie BloodHello! Welcome. 🙂 It’s nice to see you.

This week, I’ve got one more Fae-Mermaid snippet for you. A nice big bag of alfalfa for K.L. Schwengel for hosting WIPpet Wednesday. (Have I mentioned I like to give practical gifts?) If you have no idea what WIPpet Wednesday is, see the rules below the excerpt.

Math this week: last digit of the year – third digit of the year = 4 paragraphs

This week’s blip features Carwyn and Zuleika’s daughter, Nafisa, and a fisherman named Douglas.

Character descriptions:

Nafisa: golden locks, shining blue eyes, flawless skin, the whole nine yards. Something right out of a European faerie tale. No wings like Daddy, no tail like Mommy. Looks just like a human, except for having unearthly beauty.

Douglas: light strawberry blond hair long enough to pull back, moss green eyes, freckled, not striking but not ugly either. Not a muscle-bound hunk, but definitely a hard worker.  Often has a black eye, swollen cheek, or split lip and is missing a few teeth, courtesy of his alcoholic father. We’ll say today he’s got some old, greenish-yellow bruises on the left side of his face.

Necessary context: Both of them avoid people like the plague, Nafisa because of a tragic event of her childhood, Douglas because he can’t stand the pitying looks the villagers give him. They’ve enjoyed a silent, distant, pitiful companionship for a few months that involved being in the same general area (beach) at the same time (predawn) and nothing else. Douglas finally worked up some courage to at least say something to Nafisa and after a few minutes, this happens…

          Douglas’ heart skipped a beat, then sped up again. Tremulous, he shuffled forward, until a handbreadth remained between them. He lifted shaky fingers to brush a strand of her spun-gold hair away from her lips. “I dinna know much about how this is done, but I think it starts with a kiss.”

Her trembling increased, but she nodded.

He circled her with his arms but, unsure whether she wanted him to embrace her or not, kept them away from her body and left the space between them. In response, she stiffened her back, balled her fists, pressed her arms close to her side, shut her eyes, and tilted her chin up. Douglas crooked his neck down to set his tightly closed lips on her tightly closed lips. He maintained the pose while a seagull cackled and a frigid wave washed over his feet. As the water retreated, he dropped his arms and straightened to check her expression.

She crinkled her brow. “I think we did it wrong.”

They do get better at it.  The Kiss by Francesco Hayez, 1859.

They do get better at it.
The Kiss by Francesco Hayez, 1859.

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