WIPpet Wednesday - Faerie BloodOkay. So. That news thing is still on hold. I apologize for the sustained mysteriousness. Stuff. I will reveal all soon.

I also apologize for not making the rounds last week as I planned. Constant headaches lately. I should be able to make it around this week.

While I’m waiting for The Thing, I’ve decided to share a leeeetle bit from the Hidden Bloodlines series. Just a little bit. This is NOT from Faerie Blood, however. It’s from the prequel novelette.

Necessary context: The character opening the scene is an adult male faerie in his pixie form hiding in a little hole covered with a seashell so the other fae will leave him alone. If you need a mental image, he is the classic blond, blue-eyed, boyband cutie type with a nice pair of iridescent, blue butterfly wings. Think: If Peter Pan and Tinkerbell ever married, this would be their kid.


K.L. Schwengel is our wonderful hostess. Math today = 7 paragraphs, because 7 rhymes with 11.

          A new sound encroached on his daydreams, mutating his images of security into strange, slime-covered landscapes. He shook himself out of the semi-sleep and tilted his head to hear it better. The slosh-squash noise, like an unhappy fish who managed to get itself thrown from its home, seemed to be getting closer to his hiding place. Curious, he poked his head out.

Thick strands of glowing tourmaline hair, like molten silver, did an inadequate job of covering the enormous pair of naked breasts looming over his head. He stumbled back into his shelter, heart hammering for reasons more complicated than a mere startle. His hiding place failed him, lifted away by a webbed hand. Luminescent, amethyst eyes peered at him over a wide smile.

“You are still here. When you didn’t come out, I thought I must have missed seeing you leave.”

Carwyn scurried away to give himself room to return to his larger size. When he resumed his usual height, the mermaid pressed her hands into the sand and arched her back to look up at him, accentuating curves already more pronounced than any found among the fae women and flexing arm and shoulder muscles more refined than any found among the fae men. Her skin, pale like his own, faded to snowy white before it reached her tail and blazed into the same flaming yellow as her hair.

“Who are you?”

“The ambassador’s daughter.” She flapped her tail and pushed herself backwards toward the ocean, undulating in ungraceful, but not uninteresting, motions. “I’ve been hoping to talk to you all day, but you wouldn’t come out of your shell.”

For several heartbeats, her movements fascinated Carywn too much to allow him to process her words. When they sunk in, he went to one knee to hide his reaction to her unexpected visit. “Oh, um, welcome to our island.”


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