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This week, I’ve got one more Fae-Mermaid snippet for you. A nice big bag of alfalfa for K.L. Schwengel for hosting WIPpet Wednesday. (Have I mentioned I like to give practical gifts?) If you have no idea what WIPpet Wednesday is, see the rules below the excerpt.

Math this week: last digit of the year – third digit of the year = 4 paragraphs

This week’s blip features Carwyn and Zuleika’s daughter, Nafisa, and a fisherman named Douglas.

Character descriptions:

Nafisa: golden locks, shining blue eyes, flawless skin, the whole nine yards. Something right out of a European faerie tale. No wings like Daddy, no tail like Mommy. Looks just like a human, except for having unearthly beauty.

Douglas: light strawberry blond hair long enough to pull back, moss green eyes, freckled, not striking but not ugly either. Not a muscle-bound hunk, but definitely a hard worker.Β  Often has a black eye, swollen cheek, or split lip and is missing a few teeth, courtesy of his alcoholic father. We’ll say today he’s got some old, greenish-yellow bruises on the left side of his face.

Necessary context: Both of them avoid people like the plague, Nafisa because of a tragic event of her childhood, Douglas because he can’t stand the pitying looks the villagers give him. They’ve enjoyed a silent, distant, pitiful companionship for a few months that involved being in the same general area (beach) at the same time (predawn) and nothing else. Douglas finally worked up some courage to at least say something to Nafisa and after a few minutes, this happens…

Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  Douglas’ heart skipped a beat, then sped up again. Tremulous, he shuffled forward, until a handbreadth remained between them. He lifted shaky fingers to brush a strand of her spun-gold hair away from her lips. β€œI dinna know much about how this is done, but I think it starts with a kiss.”

Her trembling increased, but she nodded.

He circled her with his arms but, unsure whether she wanted him to embrace her or not, kept them away from her body and left the space between them. In response, she stiffened her back, balled her fists, pressed her arms close to her side, shut her eyes, and tilted her chin up. Douglas crooked his neck down to set his tightly closed lips on her tightly closed lips. He maintained the pose while a seagull cackled and a frigid wave washed over his feet. As the water retreated, he dropped his arms and straightened to check her expression.

She crinkled her brow. β€œI think we did it wrong.”

They do get better at it.  The Kiss by Francesco Hayez, 1859.

They do get better at it.
The Kiss by Francesco Hayez, 1859.

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