WIPpet Wednesday - Faerie BloodWoohoo! Got the rest of Faerie Blood back from my content editor on Monday. 😀 She had some very serious stuff come up, so there were some very understandable delays. In the meantime, I’ve been missing my characters, so I’m actually looking forward to editing some more. Weird, huh?

To celebrate, I’m giving you another snippet from Faerie Blood for WIPpet Wednesday. Pooooosibly the last for a bit. With the Thing going on, copywritey stuff is more complicated than if I were just going the normal route. I think this sliver of story should be fine to share, though. (If you haven’t heard about the Thing yet, you can read about it here.)

WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by the amazing K.L. Schwengel. To my knowledge, she’s taking a bit of a break, but her stories are fantabulous and you should check them out. 🙂 You can read the WIPpet rules below.

Today’s math is 4o4 words for the 4th month.

Character descriptions (in case you missed them before):

Harsha: petite, light cinnamon skin tone, silky black hair, big brown eyes.

Zeeb: about average height, blond shoulder-blade length dreadlocks, full beard, ice-blue eyes, black dog collar with license tags and silver spikes, lots of light blond body hair

Don: about 7 feet tall, long salt and pepper hair covering all of him, big bushy beard to match, black eyes, wearing shorts

Necessary Context: None necessary.

A cacophony of sawing and hammering filled the outdoors and filtered through the window to pester Harsha while she attempted to read a book. Gauri was busy and Seraph was helping her. Left to herself and unable to focus on her book, Harsha watched Zeeb and Don as they worked on the [thing]. She found it difficult to picture the finished project based on the pieces littering the yard, but the green on blue of forest and sky made a nice background to the rustic picture of men hard at work. Men being a loose term, of course.

About noon, Zeeb took his shirt off to wipe the sweat from his forehead and neck and bent to roll his pants up to his knees, giving Harsha a new reason to find contentment in watching the business. Zeeb sported far too much hair to be attractive, but not so much as to hide the enviable physique of a runner or dancer, with lean, practical muscle and none of the veiny bulges or obvious areas of neglect which plagued body builders. He circled his shoulders as he straightened. The muscles of his back rolled together and apart with the motion, defining and relaxing in slow waves.

Harsha let her eyes sweep over him. Her sense of professionalism jabbed its elbow into her consciousness, but she reasoned it away. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating a well-sculpted body. It’s not like I’m drooling over him or anything. He’s way too hairy for that. Besides, he can’t see me.

“In good shape, ain’t he?”

Harsha jumped at the sound of Don’s voice and realized she missed seeing or hearing him come in. Warmth gathered in her cheeks as all her perfectly good justifications for ogling vanished in a puff of guilty humiliation.

“Wish I could keep up like that. Guy runs marathons for fun.” He pointed to Harsha’s book. “Want me to ask him to put a shirt on so he’s less distractin’?”

“No. That’s alright. I mean, unless you think he should. Because of mosquitoes. Or something.” She picked up her book and tried to concentrate on the words.

“No need to fret yourself, Girly. Zeeb’s no ladies’ man, but somethin’ tells me he doesn’t mind you lookin’ him over.”

The heat in Harsha’s cheeks blazed like an inferno. She pulled the book closer to her face and buried as much of herself between the covers as possible.

It's a book, see? I'm reading a book. That's what I'm doing. Just enjoying my super fascinating book.  Woman Reading by Kuroda Seiki, circa 1890.

It’s a book, see? I’m reading a book. That’s what I’m doing. Just enjoying my super fascinating book.
Woman Reading by Kuroda Seiki, circa 1890.

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