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Hello, My Lovelies. How are you this week? Anyone starting a garden? We got some seeds started indoors a couple weeks ago and they seem to be doing nicely, but I’ll take any tips. In general, I have a brown thumb, but I hope to have some nice snap peas to send our lovely hostess, K.L. Schwengel by the end of the season. Many thanks to her for keeping her flying monkeys from pooping on my lawn and hosting WIPpet Wednesday.

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Math = month + date = 5 + 6 = 11 paragraphs + 1 for continuity = 12 paragraphs.

Character descriptions:

Arvid 5’6″, dark copper skin, long brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build.

Taiamuk 6’3″, long red hair, gray eyes, a multitude of freckles, numerous scars, muscles a la Jackie Chan. Notable scars include three stab wounds on his right side and a long, horizontal gash across his chest. Owns one piece of clothing: trousers.

Necessary Context:

  • Happens immediately after the last post. In fact, I’ve included the last paragraph from Tail Feathers to help with continuity.
  • The extra y in Arvid’s name when Tai speaks is due to his accent. Let me know if it bugs.
  • Arvid’s attempts to sleep without cuddling the night before almost killed them for reals.
  • Arvid despises Tai. DEE-SPY-ZEZ
  • I’ll let you form your own opinions about what Tai thinks of Arvid.

Assuming him finished with his salute, and unwilling to return any salute to him, she sipped some of the tea out of the pot and washed up the things. That accomplished, she added enough logs to the fire to last the night and sat on the bedroll to stare at it, both dreading the moment when they settled down together and looking forward to falling asleep and shutting out the man’s presence for a few hours.

The man sat next to her, forearms on knees, and also stared into the fire. The sun sank and the chill of the night crept in through the cracks in the walls. Arvid sighed and turned toward the man, stomach churning, cheeks blazing.

Eyes on her eyes, expression neutral, he stretched out on the bedroll and opened his arms.

Arvid wanted to vomit. She took several deep breaths to steady her nerves and swallowed down the bile before she laid down with the man, back to him. He pulled her close and ran his chin, whiskery after two days without shaving, along her shoulder and up her neck. Shuddering, she responded with an elbow to his gut.

“Ayrvid, dirm ish’teh may Taiamuk,” he whispered. “Ayrvid. Taiamuk. Ayrvid. Taiamuk.”

She understood what he wanted. She preferred not knowing his name, to leave that bit of distance between them, but it was too late. With a soft sigh of resignation, she whispered back, “Taimak.”

He huffed a laugh. “Doo. Taiamuk. Taiamuk”

She craned her neck to look at him. “Isn’t that what I said?”

He pronounced the name again, drawing out each syllable.

She tried to say it a few more times, but something in her pronunciation, careful as she tried to be, dissatisfied him. Finally, upset at him for keeping her awake learning his complicated name when she wanted to sleep and forget he existed, she turned over to show him her face. Hoping he understood she meant to be firm and wanted him to leave her alone, she told him his new nickname. “Tai.”

He smiled. “Tai. Ay’nayt ish. Lam ru.” He pulled her closer. “Ay’nay ru.”

Grumbling about nicknames and uncomfortable, hard, muscular arms, Arvid squiggled around to get her back to him again and shut her eyes, determined to shut him out of her thoughts until dawn.

I think this represents Arvid's feelings well about now.

I think this represents Arvid’s feelings well about now.

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