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And the craziness has officially begun. Apologies in advance if I don’t make it around to everyone. Many thanks to K.L. Schwengel for hosting.

Math = 2nd digit of date = 4 paragraphs

Character descriptions:

Arvid 5’6″, dark copper skin, long brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build.

Taiamuk 6’3″, long red hair, gray eyes, a multitude of freckles, numerous scars, muscles a la Jackie Chan. Notable scars include three stab wounds on his right side and a long, horizontal gash across his chest. Owns one piece of clothing: trousers.

Necessary Context:

This takes place after the last post and is a follow-up on a moment that is too spoilery to share. In truth, so is this, I think, but it’s an important step in Arvid’s character development. Since I’m sticking with her for a bit longer and hoping you will, too, I decided to risk the spoilers. Note: The Heart Glimmer is a reddish star that shines directly over Hyarta, the town Arvid comes from.

Bathed and wrapped in their blanket that night, she contemplated what happened. When she looked at the Heart Glimmer and thought of all she lost, she yearned for death, but then Tai smiled, and she forgot the wish. Judging him asleep, she rolled to study his face and wondered what made her want to please him. She anticipated his departure in spring, after all. She’d be a fool to allow herself to get attached. On the other hand, warriors did not fear loss. If his presence kept her from committing a heinous crime against herself, she needed to appreciate it.

He opened his eyes. “What?”

Embarrassed to be caught staring, she shifted her gaze to look over his shoulder and shook her head. He pulled her closer. For the first time, she nestled into his arms to share all the warmth available. “Thank you for being my friend.”

She doubted he understood all her words, but he nuzzled the top of her head and whispered his favorite phrase. “Ay’nay ru.”


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