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Confession: For the last three posts, I was in California visiting my family. I didn’t want to publicly announce it until we got back because there are disturbed people out there who like to break into places.

Another confession: this and the last 10 posts were all scheduled in April. That’s right. I sat down and took a couple days to lay them all out, both as a way to procrastinate on editing something and for fear that if I waited until closer to our trip, it wouldn’t happen.

So I’m speaking to you from the past. Look at me and my bad self being all Time Lord. πŸ˜› I’ll post about my trip soon.

Much love to K.L. Schwengel for hosting this super fun blog hop. πŸ™‚ Rules are below for anyone interested in participating.

Math = date – first and last digits of year = 15 – 2 – 5 = 8 paragraphs

Character descriptions:

Arvid 5’6β€³, dark copper skin, long brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build.

Taiamuk 6’3β€³, long red hair, gray eyes, a multitude of freckles, numerous scars, muscles a la Jackie Chan. Notable scars include three stab wounds on his right side and a long, horizontal gash across his chest. Owns one piece of clothing: trousers.

Necessary Context:

This is the third of three posts that come together to make a single scene. Tai, who is big on having fun, is trying to get Arvid, who is big on practicality, to have some fun, too. He succeeded in getting her to laugh and show him one of her people’s dances, which are much like hula. Then this. Heads-up, this is bare bones first draft.

Tai rested his forearms on his knees and watched without laughing. His smile faded, but not in a bad way. Arvid got the idea he wanted to hear the story and listened to her words despite the barrier of their languages. When she finished with the traditional bow, he stood and clapped.

β€œTeafshutayd” His eyes swept over her. β€œRu’teh trushilan.”

Though she didn’t recognize the words, Arvid felt her cheeks warm at the tone in which he spoke them. He took her hand in his and put his other hand on her waist. She pulled away. He made no move to keep her near him, but held onto her hand.

β€œRu’pudev zif ay.”

Dance with me, he said, she thought. Unless the story being told involved numerous characters, few Nairi dances involved working together. It seemed Tai’s people used dance in a different way. Curiosity piqued, she let him put his hand on her waist again.

He stepped toward her on his right foot. She stumbled back with the movement, recovered, and stared down at his feet. He chuckled and bent to put one of her feet on top of one of his, then nudged the toes of her other foot. She got the idea and stepped onto that foot as well. He wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her from falling off and counted a steady rhythm.

Between sleeping next to him each night and their sparring sessions each day, she’d grown used to their bodies touching, but this felt different. No practical purpose justified the way his strong arm embraced her or the gentle caress of his right hand holding her left. No battle awareness explained the way she noticed the contraction of his thigh muscles as they pressed against hers with each step of the dance. His skin gave off the fresh, clean scent of shineweed and the heat of their closeness seemed warmer than usual. A long, jagged scar on his shoulder where her right hand rested tempted her to run her fingers along it, to explore the different textures covering his oft wounded flesh. His lips drew her gaze until they stopped forming the words and he started humming a tune. She looked up into his eyes and saw them darkened and shining. He looked at her in a way that made her feel like he saw into her heart, or wanted to.

Embarrassed, as usual, she stepped off his feet and drew away from him.

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