Happy Monday!

You know how every now and then someone takes something that’s intended to be for children and tweaks it to be more adult? And you can’t really tell if they’re taking it seriously or not, but the result is… amusing? Yeah. That. Got your mirth and music wrapped up together for you this week.

And if you somehow don’t know Duck Tales, here is an introduction for you that survived Disney’s copyright purge because it is so low quality. You can just watch the first minute or so to hear the original version of the theme song, or you can watch the whole episode to get an idea of the general theme of the series.


In case you don’t already know, Mirth and Music Monday is a weekly blog hop to help cheer up your return to the daily grind. Click on the linky to the right to find more procrastination fodder fun or join in. Joining is easy. Find something funny and something musical to post of your blog (they can be the same video) and link up. My thanks to Rose D’Andrea for being an awesome MMM hostess!