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Math: date divided by first digit of year = 14 / 2 = 7 paragraphs

Character descriptions:

Arvid 5’6″, dark copper skin, long brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build.

Taiamuk 6’3″, long red hair, gray eyes, a multitude of freckles, numerous scars, muscles a la Jackie Chan. Notable scars include three stab wounds on his right side and a long, horizontal gash across his chest. Owns one piece of clothing: trousers.

Necessary Context

  • Arvid and Tai are again on speaking terms. Better, in fact.
  • Arvid chased Tai up a tree with fish guts. It amused her very much. It did not amuse Tai.
  • Part three of three. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here, if you wish. 

When her chortles died down, she returned to the river to finish the task on her own. Tai stayed in the tree until she bent over the water to scrub her hands and forearms. He picked up the water barrel and walked upstream. He shook his head and gave her a look as he passed that set her to chuckling again. It seemed like he couldn’t decide if her mischief distressed or amused him.

With the water barrel filled and hefted, he started back to the shack. “Are you coming?”

Arvid hesitated, her chore complete, but her feet sore from running. “I come slow.”

Tai nodded and walked on.

She never admitted it to herself before, but she loved watching him carry the barrel. The awkward size and shape coupled with the weight of the water required him to flex numerous muscles, showcasing his near-perfect symmetry, which spoke to years of diligent training and self-discipline. She pictured him going through the strenuous exercises taught to Nairi men, working hard until he excelled at whatever his master required of him. His strength, his grace, his speed, perhaps natural talent accounted for much of it, but no man reached the level of skill Tai possessed without pouring out sweat and blood. The scars ornamenting his pale skin proved it. The thought of that determination, more than the sight of his ogle-worthy body, set her pulse racing and her chest heaving.

And there was just something about a man helping with household chores she found appealing.

She waited for him to get several paces ahead of her before following and kept him in sight all the way back to the shack. Outside, she gave herself a minute to reorient her thoughts to the business of survival. Being welcome in Hyarta meant more to her than him. At least, she thought so. She missed her family, Oya, and Master. She missed the arena and the obstacle course. She missed the simple pleasure of having other women to converse with while she worked. She would not exchange those things for a fling with any man. She hoped.

water drop

Little brag: The bit about Tai and the water barrel is based upon a real life incident. My washer broke a few months back. After a couple weeks, we still hadn’t found a replacement we liked, so Beloved took everything to the laundromat for me. There are six of us. And my kids like to play outside. In mud. Anyway. It was a warm day, so when he got home, he stripped off his shirt before he hauled in the enormous bags (big enough to fit me and a kid each) of clean laundry. It was beautiful. Oh my golly. I cannot even begin to describe. With his arms all flexed and his hair all loose and flowy down his back… *fans self* I still drool and blush every time I think about it. 😀

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