Happy Monday!

Isn’t the English language grand? I’ve mentioned before it boasts a whopping 1100 ways to spell its mere 40 sounds. Of course, some of these spellings also get to do double duty in the sound department. Or triple duty. Or, like the infamous  O  U  G  H…


*sigh* Ah, me. What a crazy language we speak. Of course, if England could have avoided being invaded so many times, it might have been simpler. Might. I was so amused by the selection of songs brought up by the search term “O U G H song,” I decided to share three of them. Interestingly enough, they all fit in the jazzy-bluesy category. Pick one, all, or none as best befits your humor and schedule.


First, a song entitled Ough. I have no idea what he’s singing about, but the music is nice!


Next, a song by a man named Ough.


Last, but not least, a presentation of O U G H phonics with arbitrary background song.


As a bonus for those of you with lots of time on your hands or lots of stuff you don’t want to do, here’s a Middle English reading (with other languages thrown in to ensure you’re thoroughly confused) of a cute parrot poem.


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