ROW80LogocopyIt’s been an interesting week. I’m adjusting to a new Something. Adjustment periods tend to be low-function periods these days, due to a number of factors. So while there’s more pink than green and blue, I’m gonna call it a decent week goal-wise.

Color Coding Key

  • Red – Not started.
  • Pink – In progress.
  • Green – Ongoing goal completed for the check-in/week/month.
  • Aqua with strike out – Goal reached.
  • Yellow – New goal.
  • Plain text with strike out followed by Orange – Goal altered.
  • Gray – Goal dropped. (Hopefully there won’t be any of these.)


I will…

  • participate in Mirth and Music Monday 3+ times per month, because my buddy Rose D’Andrea has been awesome to keep it going for this long and I want to show her support. Also, it’s fun. 4 out of 3 this month. 4 out of 9 this round.
  • participate in WIPpet Wednesday 2+ times per month, because I want to support my WIPpeteer buddies with encouragement and take advantage of the opportunity to be encouraged. Participate in WIPpet Wednesday 1+ times per month. See this post for the reason for the change. 2 out of 2 this month.
  • post 1 interview, review, or article per month, because helping each other out is what writing bloggers do and I have thoughts to share. Posted a last minute thing for Passover. Not much, but something, and possibly all I’ll manage in this category this month, so I’m calling it good. 1 out of 3 this round.
  • encourage 2 other ROW80ers per check-in, because others need encouragement, too. Done for 04-20 10 2out of 50 this round.



I will…

  • start 3 social skills groups to meet weekly, because 3 out of my 4 and many other children in Anchorage and the surrounding communities are in need of a safe, semi-structured environment in which to practice skills most people take for granted. Applied to the BP Energy Center & my church for regular usage of one of their community rooms, playdate scheduled for Monday. The BP center won’t host weekly meetings, but said they’d be happy to host monthly ones. So there’s a possible compromise. I could maybe run each age group meeting once monthly and send the kids home with practice work to do. It wouldn’t be as effective as weekly meeting, but if it means a routine place to meet with a quiet environment, that would be awesome. My church is going to address the possibility of hosting one of the groups weekly at the next Elders’ meeting.
  • invite someone new over, because, too often, I allow self-consciousness about my housekeeping to keep me from enjoying guests.



I will…

  • collect school samples for each subject from each child weekly, because it will make paperwork time easier thus allowing us to take a small break at the end of the semester. Got started but the scanner started behaving oddly. 0 out of 12 this round.
  • play 1 board/card/dinner game per week, because my children love them. Not yet done. 0 out of 12 this round.
  • compliment each member of my immediate family on a specific action or attitude every day, because nice words help good things grow. I don’t think I got everyone every day, but I know I got everyone at least once or more throughout the week. The trouble with this one is that, though I could, I prefer not to do it like it’s part of a checklist. The goal, really, is to catch them doing things well, but that can be difficult to keep track of.
  • read to the kids 3+ nights per week, because it gives them books in common to discuss among themselves and it creates fond memories they can enjoy together in the future. 2 out of 3 this week. I read magazine articles and little books as they brought them to me, but this week was not conducive to bedtime reads. 1 out of 36 this round.



I will…

  • walk 1+ hour per day, 4+ days per week, because my mind and body do best with long chunks of exercise. 2 out of 4 this week. I walked most days, but I only made it to a full hour twice. 6 out of 48 this round.
  • stretch 6+ days per week, because it prevents tension headaches and multiple other aches and pains, and because it’s fun to watch people’s eyes pop when I show off. (Just being honest.) 1 out of 6 this week. 5 out of 72 this round.
  • seek answers to my joint problems, because I want to be able to type and walk when I’m 60.



I will…

  • purge our wardrobes, because the laundry situation is out of controlĀ 
  • remove the popcorn ceiling in the living room and kitchen, because I don’t like popcorn ceiling, I want to paint the ceilings, and it will save money over hiring a professional to de-popcorn the whole house. Not yet started.
  • add 100 stars to the half-bath, because it’s a tiny room that needs something extra special to compensate for the limited space. Started practicing stars on paper. o out of 100.
  • work on one new home habit per week, because they benefit everyone in the house. (These were all pre-determined by me during the summer. I’ll post which goal I’m working on as I pick them. 0 out of 12 this round.
    • THIS WEEK: Spend 90 sec. cleaning a room whenever I enter it. Ordered a flip-timer for this finally. In the meantime, alternate goal: Get everyone to bring their laundry down to be washed every morning.
  • fix up the school walls, because they are getting rather drab and I want them to excite interest and encourage learning. No further progress this week, but at least I started!



I will…

  • read 1 book club book per month, because it will challenge me to read books I might not otherwise have considered and give me the opportunity to discuss them with others. Not gonna happen this month. :-/ It’s still on hold. It’s possible it will be my turn before the discussion questions are posted, though, so maybe I can retroactively achieve this goal. We’ll see. In the meantime, next month’s book is now on hold as well and there was no one in line ahead of me for it, so I think I will be able to participate. 0 out of 3 this round.
  • read 1 non-fiction book per month, because learning about Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, teaching, and so on gives me inspiration and wisdom for being the best I can be for my family. Started reading The Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships by Dr. Temple Garandin and Sean Barron. Still listening to the audiobook version of The Autistic Brain by Dr. Temple Grandin.Ā 0 out of 3 this round.
  • read 1 book OR 10 articles on writing OR marketing per month, because writing is my chosen profession and I want to be one of the best. 1 article read. 0 out of 3 this round.
  • read up to 1 beta book per month, because I can’t expect others to help me if I don’t help them. It’s also lots of fun to get sneak peeks and have the satisfaction of knowing I helped someone improve their writing. Reached for this month. 1 out of 3 this round.
  • read 1 just-for-fun book per month, because reading is my escape and I don’t want to burn out on it with obligatory books. Reached for this month.Ā  1 out of 3 this round.



I will…

  • write 1 journal entry per week, because reflection helps me to see how God has blessed me during the week. Done for this week. 1 out of 12 this round.
  • add 3 scripture-art pieces to my home, because I love seeing Truth presented beautifully. Talked to an artist I know. She’s currently sketching out ideas for my favorite verse. (Rev 21:4, if you’re interested. Got me through my Mom’s illness, death, and the subsequent adjustment.) 0 out of 3.



I will…

  • publish 1 short story on Kindle and Smashwords, because it will allow me to familiarize myself with the process. Getting in a content edit before I send it off. Got one more beta reader. šŸ™‚
  • finish the current round of editing on Faerie Blood, because I have been stalled out long enough and the things that were stopping me before are gone now. A few thousand words closer to the end.
  • complete character backgrounds for Zeeb, Seraph, and Kel, because I want to reevaluate my series plan and I believe knowing my characters well will help me write a better story. Not yet started.


Many thanks to Kait Nolan for hosting ROW-80, Shan Jeniah Burton for encouraging me to join in, and to all the sponsors who help us along the way. To join, visit this page for details.