ROW80LogocopySooo… depression stinks. I’m sure you all know this. In my case, it doesn’t necessarily come with feelings of sadness. I can have all the symptoms but that one, all the desire to be isolated, all the inability to prioritize and get from A to B, but because I’m not aware of feeling depressed, it can take me weeks or months to recognize what’s happening. Having the goal list and a clear visual representation of what’s not happening helped me catch it within the weeks range this time, so thanks ROW-80 and all you encouraging folks for being here.

This week, I took on 4 hours of volunteer work per week. Today, I took my younger kiddos out to a Wii club for special needs kids, met a talkative young man who’s just a couple months younger than Reader, got the number of a young lady to set up a bike riding date for her and Reader, and as I write this, the new boys in the neighborhood, who instantly decided my kids were going to be their bestest buddies ever, apparently, are invading my home to ogle our sharks even though the house is NOWHERE near my clean-enough threshold.

I didn’t make much progress on my official goals, besides the having people over one (see above) except for the scheduled blog posts, which I technically reached in the first week of the month or so. I did make a big chunk of progress on my sandbox writing project, Queen of Bears (Arvid). Probably because it’s a no-pressure project, whereas everything else currently has varying degrees of pressure attached.

Anyhoo, the visit from the new boys just pushed me into frazzled-zone, so I think I’m gonna wrap this up now. I’m not even going to pretend to edit. Wednesday, I’ll have my colored-coded list up again, and hopefully there will be something to show.

Many thanks to Kait Nolan for hosting ROW-80, Shan Jeniah Burton for encouraging me to join in, and to all the sponsors who help us along the way. To join, visit this page for details.

Positive is not always easy, but it's necessary.

Positive is not always easy, but it’s necessary.