Life was a little too blargy for me to get a Mirth and Music Monday post done this week, but Rose D’Andrea found a great little video.

Rose's Road

It’s been a crazy week, and an ever crazier weekend. The craziness isn’t going to be done for at least a couple more days. Then, I think it would be wise for this mama to send her husband and baby off for a walk and go take a nap. Ugh. One full day at home is going to look so nice after all this. lol

This video kinda, sorta has the feeling of these past few days. With a giggle here and there.

We’ve all seen that mom, right? The statuesque, got it together deer? Yeah. I am so not her. I’m not really either of the snails, either, more of a combo of the two. Most of my day is preventing a small creature (my 16 month daughter) from trying stunts like climbing the shelving unit and spelunking under the bathroom sink.

She certainly keeps me on my…

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