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Math: month + date =  6 + 1 = 7 paragraphs

Character descriptions:

Arvid 5’6″, dark copper skin, long brown hair, brown eyes, gymnast’s build

Taiamuk 6’3″, long red hair, gray eyes, a multitude of freckles, numerous scars, muscles a la young Jackie Chan. Notable scars include three stab wounds on his right side and a long, horizontal gash across his chest. Owns one piece of clothing: trousers.

Necessary Context

  • Arvid has a compelling reason to stay with Tai among his people for a while.
  • The compelling reason is NOT Tai himself. (It is, however, much too main plot spoilery to share.)
  • Underlined text is spoken in Tai’s language.
  • This excerpt is much mangled to avoid spoilers and keep it shortish-ish
  • You can read part one and part two here.
  • Arvid endured a smelly crowd of people trying to greet Tai and now she’s in a carriage (but she doesn’t have a word for carriage).

Tai leaned out his window and shook hands, smiling, laughing, talking. Arvid sat in the dead center out of reach of the greedy fingers, imitating a boulder. She appreciated the space, but the cloying perfume smothered with the same effectiveness as the stench of the people.

The gourd-cart lurched, moved forward, stopped, lurched again, went perhaps five paces, then stopped. Over and over, the same pattern. Lurch, five paces, stop, while the sun rose another two fingerbreadths above the horizon. Tai pulled his torso in, and the cart took off, the horses going at a trot. She heard the crowd running after them, screaming and cheering.

Arvid looked at Tai waving out the window and regretted not asking Sava more about him. It seemed they shared the role of Chosen One among their peoples, though he returned home in victory rather than shame. [Spoilery bit]

The gourd-cart slowed. Tai leaned out, shouted at someone, leaned back, shot her a smile, and jumped out before the cart stopped rolling. She moved over to see where he went just in time to see him and another man with orange hair wrap their arms around each other. Two men with brown hair slammed into them. They slapped Tai’s back, pointed at his new scars, and all talked at once. Arvid smiled at their laughing, bouncing joy and thought of Kiano and his friends when they won a game.

A shout came from beyond the men. Arvid looked up a set of stone steps and, try as she might to keep her expression neutral, her eyes widened as she took in the enormous stone building they led to. It looked, if possible, larger than the Hyarta arena. At the top of the steps, another man, hair blazing like fire, like Tai’s, stood surrounded by men and women doing a poor job of maintaining their dignified poise while they waited for Tai. The men wore strange clothes similar to the ones of the men who escorted the gourd-cart, but in different colors so vibrant, she made a mental note to get the recipe for the dye to give her mother. The women, likewise a mass of blaring color, wore enormous, flouncing dresses that left their shoulders bare.

Tai bounded up the stairs and straight into the arms of the man with blazing hair. The people gave Tai a few heartbeats with him, and a few more with a woman with yellow hair before they engulfed him and happy chatter filled the air again.

Arvid sat back in the gourd-cart, swallowed, and took deep breaths despite the perfume. Tears pricked at her eyelids. She wanted to go home. She wanted to see Father smiling at her again, and go fishing with Kiano, and even listen to Mother grouse about her bad cooking. She wanted to spar with Oya and run the obstacle course.


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