Color Coding Key

  • Red – Not started.
  • Pink – In progress.
  • Green – Ongoing goal completed for the check-in/week/month.
  • Aqua with strike out – Goal reached.
  • Yellow – New goal.
  • Plain text with strike out followed by Orange – Goal altered.
  • Gray – Goal dropped. (Hopefully there won’t be any of these.)


Happy Sunday!

I didn’t check in Wednesday as Sunday-Tuesday were super busy, with my dad and step-mom leaving Monday afternoon and my Cali bestie and her two little ones arriving Monday evening. Wednesday I went to the Thousand Foot Krutch concert at the state fair and GOT TO MEET THE BAND!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ All very polite gentlemen. And there were various outings and such in there, too. ๐Ÿ˜€




I will…

  • participate in Mirth and Music Monday 3+ times per month, because my buddy Rose D’Andrea has been awesome to keep it going and I want to show her support. Nope.
  • participate in WIPpet Wednesday (hosted by Emily Witt) 1+ times per month, because I want to support my WIPpeteer buddies with encouragement and take advantage of the opportunity to be encouraged. Nope.
  • post 1 flash fiction or random article per month, because sharing my flash fiction was my original purpose for this blog and people seem to like hearing my thoughts on whateverness, be it Alaska or grammar or what-not. Drafted and sent to a couple betas. Might not get posted this month, though, because family visits.
  • post 1+ interview per quarter, because I want to support my fellow authors. If it ain’t happened by now, it ain’t gonna happen this quarter. Oh, well. Maybe next quarter.
  • encourage 2 other ROW80ers per check-in, because others need encouragement, too. Done for 08/28, skipped 08/31.




I will…

  • sign up to be a Nanowrimo ML, because our current Fearless Leader needs a little break. ‘Tis officially official. I am Anchorage’s newest ML. Our Fearless Leader passed off all the supplies she had. Now I just have to do the work. ๐Ÿ˜›




I will…

  • test run our schooling schedule so I can make necessary changes before the school year is in full swing.
  • take my children on 1+ outing per week, because we need to get out while itโ€™s warm. Cuddy Family park, Portage Glacier, Potter’s Marsh, Eagler River Nature Center, and Kincaid park.
  • create and post routine charts, because my special needs kids are greatly helped by the visual cues. Designed and ready for printing. Still need to buy ink.
  • use Chore Wars and Chore Monster 3+ times a week to help my children develop good habits.




I will…

  • walk every day, because my body gets angry at me if I donโ€™t move it. Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sometimes of the intense kind (for example, pushing a stroller with a 4 yo in it 1/2 mile up steep hills.)
  • stretch every day, because flexibility is the physical attribute I am most likely to be able to prevent the loss or deterioration of as I age. Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.
  • perform 15+ dead bugs per abdominal grouping (60+ total), 3+ times per week, because improving my core strength will improve my posture and metabolism. Nope.
  • perform 2+ opposing and 2+ same-side modified supermans, 3+ times per week, because improving my core strength will improve my posture and metabolism. Nope.




I will…

  • add 100 stars to the half-bath, because it’s a tiny room that needs something extra special to compensate for the limited space.
  • paint the living room and kitchen ceilings, because I want blue overhead year round.
  • label everything I can think of, because Iโ€™m tired of being the only one who knows where to put things. 3 cupboards done.
  • tether items I need to be able to find (hairbrushes, scissors) so I can find them. Nope.




I will…

  • read 1 book club book per month, because it will challenge me to read books I might not otherwise have considered and give me the opportunity to discuss them with others. Nope.
  • read 1 non-fiction book per quarter, because learning about Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, teaching, and so on gives me inspiration and wisdom for being the best I can be for my family. Reread two favorites: If I’m Diapering a Watermelon, Where’d I Put the Baby?ย  and How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and Onto Learning, both by Carol Barnier.
  • read 1 book or 12 articles on writing or marketing per quarter, because writing is my chosen profession and I want to be one of the best. Perused, read, watched, listened to at least 12 informational pieces.
  • read 1 beta book per quarter, because I can’t expect others to help me if I don’t help them. It’s also lots of fun to get sneak peeks and have the satisfaction of knowing I helped someone improve their writing. Done.
  • read 1 just-for-fun book per quarter, because reading is my escape and I don’t want to burn out on it with obligatory books. Calling it done. I didn’t read any single book, but I probably read a book’s worth of excerpts.




I will…

  • replan the Hidden Bloodlines series to see if something clicks this time.
  • write or edit 3000+ words a week, preferably as 500+ words 6 days per week, because even words I can never show the world are better than no words at all. Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.
  • draft my contribution for the non-fiction project I am part of, because I like a lot of time for editing and don’t want to end up rushing to get it done because the deadline sneaked up on me. Fully outlined.
  • send out 1 newsletter per quarter, because having a newsletter is pointless if it just sits there. Done for this quarter.


Thanks Rose

Many thanks to Kait Nolan for hosting ROW-80, Shan Jeniah Burton for encouraging me to join in, and to all the sponsors who help us along the way. To join, visit this page for details.

Some pictures from our salmon viewing walk. Sorry the quality is not very good on all of them. I’m sure there’s some way to make Beloved’s phone camera do nifty things, but I’m not that smart phone literate. (It’s a dumb smart phone, anyway.)

Fireweed fluff

Portage Glacier. This is fireweed gone to seed. The fluff is very soft. Reader and I speculated about whether it could be spun and woven, like cotton or flax, but as no one I know of has done so, I suppose not. It’s great fun to play with. We got a snow globe going and the kids ran around in the fluff. I might still have some in my hair.

Mating trio

Portage Glacier. The three salmon facing downward are what I’ve dubbed a mating trio. After seeing the salmon doing their thing, I need to research this a bit. There were several trios. The one in the middle is the female. The graying one is the male who was doing the sperm thing. The one in back is, presumably, a competitor or waiting his turn. Most of the time he stayed behind the couple just watching, but every now and then he’d swim forward and attack the graying male. If another fish approached, like that one on the left, he’d drive it away from the mating pair. It was interesting.


Thousand Foot Krutch. Three gentlemanly gentlemen.


Thousand Foot Krutch. And the fourth gentlemanly gentleman.


Kincaid. Kincaid is an enormous park. It is so large, it not only houses moose (common everywhere) and bears (to be found in many of the larger parks and more woodsy boroughs), it is home to the only pack of wolves within city limits.


Kincaid. One of many, many little side trails bikers like to use in summer and skiers like to use in winter.


Kincaid. If you know which trail to take, you can get to a beach with sand. For 30 yards or so out, these mud flats are firm enough to walk on. (It feels like walking in butter.)


Potter’s Marsh. One of our favorite places to visit. It was created on accident by the railroad company, but the wildlife took full advantage and thrived in it, so it’s now protected.


Cuddy Family Park. It’s right outside the library, making it an ideal chill spot. (There’s a playground behind the camera somewhere.) That blue stuff is protecting a lake. I’m noooot sure why, but my guess is to keep the water fowl and people separate for a while.