Hiya, Everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve come around here. Life shifted into a new season and it’s taking me a bit to figure out the new pattern. I only had a tenuous hold on the previous one, so you can imagine what a challenge it’s been.

More about that some other time, perhaps. In the meantime, I’m sick of looking at my last ROW-80 post and wishing the group hadn’t moved to Facebook. So, here’s a re-post of a story I wrote about 3 years ago. 🙂 I resisted the urge to go back and edit. >.> You know how it is when one looks back at older writing. Growth is awesome, but it has a way of making something that looked great at the time look… um… not so. 😛 It’s a good thing. 😀

ReGi McClain

Neuth stared down at the red streak marring Geb’s perfect form. She longed to wipe the stain from her brother-husband, but her father, Shu, stood firmly between them, keeping his children eternally apart at the command of Ra. Now another of Ra’s tantrums raged across Geb in the form Sekhmet. The blood-thirsty lioness devoured human after human, innocent along with the guilty, young along with the old, reveling in their pain.

Neuth sighed. Shu stirred under her. “Longing for Geb again, my daughter?”

“I long for him always, Shu. One day you will grow tired and I will return to him.”

Shu shifted uncomfortably. He shifted often. “You would destroy all the people and many of our own kind? Your own children?”

Neuth laughed silently. “Our children need not come between us. As for the humans-” The putrid scent of blood and rotting flesh wafted across…

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