Der Liebesbrief by Adolf Holzer, 18??

Der Liebesbrief by Adolf Holzer

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

I’m an easily-amused daydreamer and prima raconteur for Wild Berry Publications. I write contemporary and high fantasy novels and short stories in multiple genres.

I do my writing in Anchorage, Alaska. Yes, it does get cold. No, I don’t live in perpetual darkness half the year and unrelenting daylight the other half. No, we don’t live in igloos. Yes, we have Wal-mart. Yes, Alaska is one of the fifty U.S. states and is neither off the coast of Mexico nor in Europe. No, I don’t really like snow. I do, however, enjoy hiking and camping.

Copyright Tundra Comics 2010. Used with permission.

Used with permission.

The other thing you really ought to know is that Jesus is my Savior. Although my writing often has nothing whatsoever to do with the Bible or, as Keith Green so aptly put it, Churchianity, it is all for Jesus. I suppose a psychologist, professional or amateur, could probably analyze my not-exactly-faith-inspired stories into little pieces and come up with some deep spiritual meanings. Maybe. Most of the time, I’m just writing something I find interesting or entertaining.

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