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Hiya! How’s it going? Raise your hand if you participated in NaNoWriMo. *counts hands*

Congratulations to all of you! Even if you didn’t win, you put the effort into writing a novel, a task which is much harder than many people like to think until they try it. *applauds*

This year, ABIGAIL ERYNNE and I teamed up as Wrimo Rebels to work on a story we’ve been working on since May. I am very pleased to announce we reached a combined new word count of about 125,000, which puts the story at a whopping 550K so far. (And we’re not even done yet. Can you say, “edits…”)

To celebrate our great victory, we’re sharing a part of a scene with you. You’ll see why it takes so many words to write the story. We’ve cleaned up and sorted our excerpt a bit for your sakes, but otherwise, we’re posting it as we wrote it. We created a few characters each, gave them a situation, and then wrote their reactions, both internal and external, to the situation. We have a couple characters we share back and forth, but for the most part, each character belongs to one or the other of us.

The story takes place in a semi-magical world situated under New York City. Depending where you are, you might be crawling over or under the pipes NYC depends on for any number of things, or you might find yourself in a palace. You never know.

Much love to our WIPpet Wednesday hostess, Emily Witt.

WIPpet math = it is the 2nd of December and this excerpt is divided in two halves



Tobias – 18 yo; olive skin; 5’11”; brown eyes; medium length dark brown hair; has an adorable scar that turns into a dimple when he smiles on his left cheek; Brooklyn accent

Harry – 18 yo; olive skin; 5’11”; brown eyes; hair is short in back; chin-length, green bangs that hang in his face; four piercings in left ear, none in right;  falcon tattoo on his back that stretches all the way from one shoulder to the other; thick tribal band tattoos on his biceps; his adorable scar that turns into a dimple when he smiles is on his right cheek, a perfect mirror of Tobias’; does Not have a Brooklyn accent

Gwen – just shy of 21 yo; looks & behaves about 17; 5’4″; amber eyes; red hair with some fiery yellow and orange highlights and pig tail braids; freckles; the cutest little fangs you ever saw; not sparkly; one tough little soldier – seriously, do not mess with her

Teensy – 297 yo; looks & behaves about 20; is either 4’11” or 6″; violet eyes; blond hair with pinkish-purple tips that is longer than her; violet butterfly-esque wings; glows light purple; able to heal injuries with kisses but also has a medical degree

Nameless – about 7000 yo; acts about 23; 6’2″ in his 3-dimensional form; feels like a very nicely built man, but looks like a shadow

Lost – nasty little bugger; we don’t have much information on him… her? It…


  • Even though I just said the story takes place underground, this scene happens above ground, in Manhattan.
  • Words between pairs of * are thoughts, feelings, or actions. For example: *types an example*
  • Words outside pairs of * are spoken aloud.  For example: *thought, thought* Say this out loud. *thought, thought*


RATING WARNING: There is blood. There is also a lot of cursing, including several f-bombs. I do apologize to the sensitive, but when writing teenage boys, cursing happens. By the way, we did not unintentionally use the “wrong” homonym. (You’ll see.)


Harry: *doing the tourist thing in all it’s obvious-tourist-goofball glory* *gaping, grinning* *loves that he gets to do this with his BROTHER and GIRLFRIEND* *whoa* *it’s too amazing* *could almost die happy* *almost* *there IS something he’d like to do first* *every now and then leans over and pecks Gwen* *I love you and I love that I’m here with you*

Gwen: *loves that he’s enjoying this with her!* *loves the affection, too* *after the third peck or so, turns and gives him a real kiss, brief but true* *then ooohs over a guy playing epic drum solos on a bunch of buckets* *he is making BANK* *admires that, too* *grinning*

Musician: Awww, we have a vampire in the house, tonight! *twirls drumsticks and points to Gwen with them* Ain’t no better place to get your fang on than right here! *obviously good with a crowd* Imma play this one for you, Queen of the Night. *starts up a new number*

Gwen:  *smile fades at the sudden attention* *covers her mouth* *people are taking pictures of her* *tourists from places who’ve never seen goth punk before, apparently* *they don’t speak English, either* *kinda realizing she’s not being pegged for an actual vampire, but photography isn’t exactly common where she’s from, and it’s overwhelming to have all that focus on her* *hiding behind Harry doesn’t work, either* *the attention would probably fade faster if she grinned and posed for pics, but she doesn’t know that*

Tobias: *up ahead with Nameless* *would love to walk the whole way there, soak up the city, show it to Gwen and Harry* *but concerned for Teensy* Maybe we should take a bus or something. *looks back to ask Harry, but Harry isn’t there* Harry?

Harry: *f^^^ing h^^^* *does not usually have a problem with crowds but…* *f^^^ing h^^^* *protective arm around Gwen* *holding her very tightly* *not just because of the crowd, though* *it’s a little “she’s mine” in the direction of the drummer* *just in case* *knows what the crowd has gathered for, and that everything’s fine* *whispers* It’s okay. They think your teeth are cool. Smile. *can’t hear or see Tobias* *looks around, trying to spot* *would try to get away from the crowd, but the old “stay there till mommy finds you” thing is true* *knows* *so doesn’t move, just trying to spot Tobias over the crowd* *loudly* TOBIAS!

Lost: *remind me to pay that drummer a bit extra* *nicely done, musician* *I’ll take that* *and now a quick stiletto between Tobias’ ribs* *nice and clean, no pain* * getting out of there*

Nameless: *spots Lost disappearing into crowd* S^^^! *where are Gwen and Harry?* *are they okay?* * checks his pocket for Teensy * S^^^, s^^^, s^^^!



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