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Banner by Happy Wednesday! Here’s a quick little snippet of an old WIP. I haven’t titled it yet, but it’s the third part of a fantasy trilogy. My math this week is extra simple. 4 paragraphs for the 4 of 2014.

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When she was out of sight of the goons, Haddie collapsed to her knees, still trying to look like the victim. “You’re heavier than you look,” she grumbled to Delyth. “Well, I hope my husband was right that your goons don’t follow you when you need to pee.”

Delyth struggled weakly to sit up, muttering incoherently.

Haddie waited a full minute before daring to move again. “I guess he was right after all.” She pulled the stones out from under her skirt. “I don’t suppose you know how long they’ll wait for you, do you?”

Delyth’s eyes flashed with such impotent venom, Haddie felt an irrational giggle bubbling up her throat.  “Don’t give me that look. I’ll just drug you again if you try anything. Even if your goons do find us, you won’t be able to eat again for the rest of the trip. Not unless you can be sure we never had a chance to touch the food, and that will be very difficult. For now, I’m sure you won’t mind if I tie you up rather tightly, given that our problems with each other just got personal.”

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Banner by Those of you who visited last week already know that I’m taking a break from posting Queen of Bears excerpts. This week and next I offer excerpts from an older, as yet untitled work. To read more fun excerpts or join the game, visit K. L. Schwengel’s blog.

My WIPpet math: 19 for the date + 2 for the month + 1 for fun =22 lines.

“Haddie, your son is not a normal boy, just as you were never an ordinary girl. You have to keep going. It would be selfish to stop now.”

Something in Haddie burst. “Selfish!” She shot to her feet. Her mother stumbled away in surprise. “You’re calling me selfish for not wanting to be queen?”

The pixiian villagers hushed, staring warily at her. She ignored them and kept her eyes on her mother’s face.

“When the White Fairy told me I’d be queen, everyone called me selfish for wanting to be something more than I really was! They called me selfish when I didn’t marry whichever man Father promised to pay-off! They called me selfish when you gave me sweetspice and selfish when I sold the candy I made from it!”

Her husband put a gentle hand on her arm. “Haddie, calm down.”

Haddie jerked away to take another step toward her mother, who was beginning to cry. “You! Even you convinced me I was dreaming! And because of you I married and had a child, and now you want to call me selfish for wanting to protect my child! You-you,” Haddie’s tongue tripped, unable to form the words properly. She trembled with rage, regret, pain. Clutching her son to her chest, she turned and ran for the hut.

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Note_in_the_ring.svgMe me me meeeeee. Ahem.

W.   I.   P.

Please come right in!

P.   E.   T.

To see a brand new WIPpet.

W. E. D. N. Eeee

Oops. I ran out of space in the song. Oh well. Who needs a cheesy theme song, anyway? Get it? Cheesy. ‘Cuz there was a mouse in the original version. Ha! I crack me up.

Last week was my last Fairy Blood WIPpet for a while since I’m running out of interesting non-spoilers. Unfortunately, I’m a mono-tasker. I only have one major WIP at a time. But I can’t just give up doing WIPpet Wednesdays! I love ’em! What am I to do?

I pondered my quandry. I decided to jump into a was-going-to-be-future project now and write it as I WIPpet. I’ll start writing it before your very eyes next week.

This week, I needed to get my garden planted. So, instead of WIPpet official new WIPpet-WIP, (say that fives times fast!) I offer five paragraphs of the very first novel I tried to write. It’s not likely to ever be finished, so even though I don’t play with it much these days, it’s technically a work in progress. Since zombies are popular these days, I pulled out my own version of the monster for this week.

Marcus stopped. Nordby pressed against his back, blowing hot breath down Marcus’ tunic. The smell of breath was not that of a horse. It was the rank breath of a carnivore. Marcus gripped his sword tightly.  “Guide,” he whispered, “look behind me to see what creature it is that has taken my Nordby’s place.”

The figure turned slowly. Marcus caught his breath. Too late he realized why Phil could live to be 71 and still be strong and vigorous. He was one of the victims of the Black Fairy’s magic during the war, men who were cursed to live on the flesh of other men. They would live the sum of all the lives of the men they ate and could stomach nothing else. Their horses had been likewise cursed.

So, little prince,” Phil said in Marcus‘s own language, “you want to see your grandfather’s mountains? I’m afraid you must stay here with me in the foothills.”

“If you wished only to eat my flesh, Cursed One, why then did you not do so while I slept?”

“Poor little boy, do you really think I was trying to throw your pursuer? No, child, I was setting traps for him. I had to keep the bait alive, didn’t I? But you will not have to worry about him anymore.”

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Classic zombie

Bill Hinzman playing a zombie, Night of the Living Dead, 1968
Compared to other pictures I saw of people in zombie costumes, this guy is so tame, he’s practically domesticated. Nevertheless, I hear the movie is sufficiently creepy for modern audiences. Imagine that. No color, no CGI, but people still feel compelled to glance over their shoulders after watching it.


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