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Elena_Alexandrina_Bednarik_-_Zâna_apelorHi! So, um, been perusing what I have for Troy and… Yeah. The First Draft is officially demoted to Notes. Mostly because I can’t find many of my notes. I’ll get it all together soonishly, though, and start posting actual story. In the meantime, I have another Faerie Blood character exercise.

Harsha, the MC of Faerie Blood, is a workaholic and shrewd investor, and thus rich, but that felt like a stretch to some people. So, I thought to myself, what could a young lady with an affinity for math do to earn a few extra hundred thousand  bucks?  I was writing by hand when I did these exercises, and this short backstory was supposed to be two pages, tops. It ended up being twenty-three pages, plus a four page scene sketch of a very brief romance that kind of, sort of resulted from it. 😛

WIPpet Wednesday is hosted by the marvelous K.L. Schwengel and anyone with a work in progress is welcome to join. The only rule is: relate your snippet to the date.

WIPpet math: 19 paragraphs. 17 for the date + 2 that are so short, they don’t count. No context.

With these words, they waved goodbye, Ella running off to take her place in the chorus line and Harsha off to another casino for her usual late night activities. She pegged a small one this evening. She ran more risk of being identified if she were caught, but less of being caught in the first place. She bought a drink for show, one of the pricey, drunk-in-one-sip numbers. Pretending to stumble, she spilled half the drink before she sidled up to a blackjack table.

The dealer, a bored-looking young man, probably a struggling student like herself, flipped the cards out with the usual skill and absolutely no flair. Such dealers, she learned early on, tended to be slow to mark suspicious behavior if their customers displayed the right balance of interest in the cards and in themselves.

Harsha put on a smile and slid into a chair. “Hit me a few times, will you, Baby?”

The man huffed an I’m-not-buying-it laugh, but he gave her a lopsided smile of amusement and dealt the cards. With careful attention to the dealer’s mood, Harsha proceeded to count cards and flirt, being sure to lose now and then, working her way up to $200 profit.

“I know you.”

Harsha’s stomach flipped and her heart skipped a beat. She took a sip of her cocktail, the first of the night, to give herself a moment to get her fear under control. I just took two losses and I’m only up to $146. They can’t have pegged me yet. Can they?

With the smile she used on the rare occassions she found it useful to be seductive, she turned toward the voice. Without thinking, she squawked and jumped out of her seat, her heart racing.

The customer with the bloodshot eyes grinned at her breasts. He leaned forward to address them. “You work at Lucky Ducks.” With slow movements, never looking away from her chest, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a wad of cash, and slammed it onto the table. “Deal.”

 I thought he lost everything at my table. Harsha picked up her drink and made to leave.

“You’re $54 short.”

Harsha froze, along with the blood in her veins. She feigned confusion. “What do you mean?”

The man tapped the table. “Stay. Finish playing.” His eyes popped up to meet hers without a hint of alcoholic haze, then dropped back to her breasts with the same look of brainless fascination he plagued her with during her shift.

Hands trembling, Harsha took another sip of her drink and reseated herself. The dealer glanced between her and the man a few times before his eyes settled on Harsha. “Everything okay?”

“Probably not.”

“Fine,” the not-so-drunk man answered, with a thump on the table. “Deal.”

“I can call security if you like,” the dealer offered.

“The last thing she wants is security. Deal.”

The dealer raised his brows at Harsha and mouthed, “Are you sure?”

Harsha felt as sure about this as she felt about swimming with sharks. She ignored her racing heart and forced herself to take steady, even breaths. “Deal.”


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Yes, that’s right. We’ll just jump right in with 9 paragraphs for the month of September.

The monster regarded her with its unreadable expression while several heartbeats pounded by. “She returned to the human village unharmed. The scouts say she traveled back the way you came at dawn.”

Arvid let out a breath. The heavy guilt of almost getting Oya killed still pressed on her shoulders, but she forced her fingers to loosen around the knife. Oya and Kiano would be fine. They would be fine, so everything would be fine.

“Now answer my question. Did we make a mistake in letting the other sow go?”


The monster nodded. “Good. As for you, I don’t think you have any idea what you’re doing. You are our prisoner until sunrise. We’ll decide what to do with you then.”

“I have a job to do.”

The monster howled so loudly Arvid’s ears ached. The row of fringe along its spine flared into brutal spikes along its back. It snapped its teeth half an inch from Arvid’s face.

Arvid’s arms shook and she struggled to calm her breath, but she held her ground.

Hands took hold of her arms and legs. Before she could react, they set in her back in her tree. “Get some sleep,” someone said, “looks like it’s going to be a long night.”

The monsters settled back into their places, ring upon ring around the tree. Arvid strapped herself on, relieved, despairing, indignant, grateful, impatient, hopeful, and generally overwhelmed by the sundry emotions fighting for first place in her thoughts. She finally settled on, “this stinks,” and shut her eyes in an attempt to imitate her hosts. It didn’t work. She fell asleep minutes before sunset. Just in time for the monsters to wake up.

WIPpet Wednesday is a weekly blog hop hosted by the talented K.L. Schwengel. To join, post a snippet of your work in progress that somehow relates to the date. (How it relates is entirely up to you.) Then hop on over to the linky and add yourself in the rest of us can find you. 🙂

I’m already running late, today, so I’ll skip the long spiels, but if any of you love to beta read, Fairy Blood is just begging for it. ~100K, contemporary fantasy, female protagonist, one early alpha called it morbid. I’ll send by October 15th and need it back by November 1st.  I have no idea when/if I’ll be able to reciprocate, but I’m happy to try or at least give you a free copy of the final. Thanks!

Whenever I think of the word "treed," I think of Where the Red Fern Grows, and those poor raccoons. :-(

Whenever I read the word “treed,” I think of Where the Red Fern Grows, and those poor raccoons. 😦

Liebester Blog Award

Happy Saturday! Hopefully you have at least one thing you consider fun on your agenda this weekend.  I happen to have the great fun of accepting a blog award. 🙂 Alison Stratchan, a fantasy author with a passion for making the world a better place, has kindly given me the Libester Award. To accept, I simply display the logo, answer 11 questions as penned by Alison, and pass my own set of questions on to 11 more bloggers. I hope you’ll take the time to visit each of my nominees, because the real point of these fun awards to help each other find amazing people on the web and get to know each other better.


If you’re wondering when I’ll get around to blogging about my trip to Mexico, don’t worry. I will definitely get there. I’m just waiting on pictures. (My own camera broke, but one of the gals is loading USB’s with everyone’s photos. I should have them soon.)

So , now, I’ll go ahead and make my way up to the stage. I hope the fashion journalists won’t criticize my gown too harshly. It’s hard to find anything red carpet worthy at a thrift store. At least these stilettos are fabulous. I can’t imagine why anyone would give them away. Whoops! Oh. That’s why. I hope no one saw that. Ahem.

Alright, Alison. I’m ready for your questions.

What books have shaped who you are and how you write?

At the risk of sounding like a saccharine devotee of churchianity, the Bible is, hands-down, the most influential book in my life. Other books that have shaped who I am include The 25-hour Woman, Wise Child (ironically), Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door, and several others.

As far as my writing goes, I look to specific authors for specific elements. Dickens for character descriptions, Christie for surprises, Aspirin for dialogue, Buroker for pacing, and so on.

What are you working on right now?

My primary WIP is Fairy Blood. It’s a contemporary fantasy featuring a woman struggling with an unknown disease. In a desperate search for a cure, she discovers her not-so-human heritage and embarks on many adventures.

While that’s in edits, I have a public project going on which is called, for now, The Queen of Bears. A young woman is sent on a quest to rescue a wizard. It is said among her people that the wizard will bring about the final destruction of her tribe’s greatest enemy. Only, things will not be going as planned.

Do you consider yourself to be fairly creative?

Not particularly, though I wouldn’t say I’m not creative, either.

If you haven’t already (or even if you have) would you choose self-publishing or traditional publishing?


Do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks?

They both have their merits.

Do you love or hate social media?


Are you an introvert or extravert, and has it helped or hindered you?

I very intentionally developed extrovert behaviors during my teen years. On the inside, though, I’m usually struggling with shyness, insecurity, and the occasional wistful longing to be a hermit. I do the social butterfly thing more out of habit than anything else these days. For the most part, it’s good. I’ve met several musicians I admire (and even sometimes their families) as well as many other interesting people over the years. Most importantly, I managed to form a friendship with a very shy man whom I now call Beloved.

What piece of clothing could you not live without (apart from bra/underwear)?

Flexible, light-weight blue jeans without holes above mid-thigh.

What is more important to you – standing up for what you believe in/maintaining the truce?

Depends on the issue and the conditions of the truce. More importantly, I hope that my behavior in either instance would be graceful and courteous. I admire those people who changed hearts and not just laws, like Martin Luthor King Jr. and Ghandi.

What blunder have you made that you desperately wish didn’t happen?

Just one? 😛 Let’s see… I hope you don’t mind something distant enough to have lost its sting. One day in 6th or 7th grade I decided to wear a blouse with a wide neckline. It didn’t hide bra straps well and I was well beyond being able to go braless, so I wore a strapless bra to school. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a sports bra for P.E. Of all the days to forget, I managed to pick the day we were to be tested on how many times we could jump rope in a minute. Each of us was assigned a partner to do the counting. I was the only girl in the class to get partnered with a boy. To make it worse, I had a puppy crush on him. Oooooh the humiliation. I had to stop several times to hitch my bra up from my waist. By the time my minute was up, I had formulated several plans to run away and never return. My poor partner couldn’t look at me at all, let alone meet my eyes, for weeks.

If you could go anywhere in the world and make a difference, where would it be?

I’m not sure. Are we talking end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it difference, like the Guttenberg Press? Or something subtler, like the work of David James Traver? For many years I really wanted to go to Indonesia to do medical missions work. Right now, my job is to make a difference at home, with my kids, and I’m content with that. We’ll see how life goes. My husband and I are happy just about anywhere as long as we can be of use.

Liebster-definition-300x188Now that I’ve answered Alison’s questions, it’s time for me to give the Libester Award to a few of you.If you look back at the other awards I’ve passed out, you’ll notice a distinct pattern in my nominees. In other words, I tend to nominate the same people over and over. This time, I’m determined to nominate new folks. I still love all my usuals dearly, but it’s someone else’s turn.

Umm… I’m not sure who will respond. I don’t get around the blogosphere as much as I might like to so I’ve only engaged with a few of these lovely folks. Still, I’d like to get to know them better. In no particular order, I nominate…

Elsie Bowen-Dodoo

Doomsday Writer

Chloe Leigh Corin

Shanah Davis

Eli Glasman – a heads-up on this fellow. We are nothing alike. If you go to his blog expecting something even remotely similar to mine, you’ll be either disappointed or shocked. (All the more reason I’d like to see his answers, if he decides to play.)

Xina Uhl

Geralyn Wichers

Lara McGill

David J Steele

Shan Jeniah

Jodi Woody

My questions for my nominees follow. For those of you who decide to play, please make sure to come back and leave your link in my comments so I and my readers know where to find your post. 🙂

  1. Do you prefer to spend a leisurely hour at the library or the bookstore?
  2. Who’s the better friend? James Kirk or Luke Skywalker?
  3. Would you rather have tea with Buttercup (Princess Bride) or Sarah (Labyrinth)? (If you somehow managed to miss both – you know who you are –  pick between Queen Victoria and Annie Oakley.)
  4. Who was your favorite childhood author?
  5. Do you have a favorite poem?
  6. What is your favorite reading snack, including beverage?
  7. If you could climb into any novel and live in that world, which would you pick?
  8. If you could pull the main character out of any novel to live in our world, who would it be?
  9. Among the books you’ve read, which had the most frightening villain and what made him or her or it so scary?
  10. What fictional character (novel or movie) do you think has the most wonderfully tragic death?
  11.  Without looking it up (no cheating), what does “decadent” mean?
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